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Many People Do Not Know These Amazing 10 Secret Uses of Baby Powder

Without doubt, baby powder is one of the most beneficial and the safest ingredient which can do wonders for personal care, but it also has numerous other uses. You can read about some of the less known uses of this product in the list below.

10 Uses of Baby Powder

  1. Remover of grease stains

Sprinkle baby powder onto the stain and rub it gently with cotton to pull out the grease causing the stain.

  1. Lubricates rubber gloves

Sprinkle some baby powder onto the hands to ease the putting of rubber gloves.

  1. Refreshes play cards

Put the deck of cards in a plastic bag with baby powder and shake it well and then remove it from the bag. The next time you play cards, you will not be distracted by the unpleasant odor they are releasing.

  1. Protects flowers

Put some baby powder onto the bulbs and roots of flowers prior to planting to prevent rotting. The powder also works as a natural pesticide.

  1. Keeps sheets fresh

To absorb sweet from sheets during summer, sprinkle the sheets with baby powder. This will keep you cool throughout the whole night because you will be sweating less.

  1. Removes sand

If you are heading for the beach but you do not want to bring sand when you come back home, sprinkle baby powder onto the feet.

  1. Detangles jewelry

If you cannot detangle your earrings or necklaces, sprinkle some baby powder onto them to ease the process.

  1. Deodorizes

Since it has moisturizing properties, it is great in absorbing both unpleasant odor and sweat.

  1. Repels bugs and insects

Sprinkle baby powder near doors and windows to prevent bugs and other insects from going inside your house.

  1. Cleans the hair

If you do not have the time to wash your hair, you can clean it by mixing ¼ cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of baby powder and massaging the greasy areas with the mixture. Leave it on for couple of minutes and you are ready to go!




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