Do Not Throw Away Used Tea Bags. Here Are 17 Things to Do with Them Instead

Tea is one of the healthiest and tastiest drinks that can help us relax at the beginning or at the end of the day. In most cases, we throw away the tea bag after using them; however, we should not do this because there are so many beneficial ways to use them. Below, we prepared the best ones. Make sure you check them out!

17 Different Ways to Use Used Tea Bags

  1. Maintain a pleasant smell of the hands

Sometimes, when we prepare meals, there are some spices and other ingredients like fish, garlic, onions, crabs, etc. that leave an unpleasant odor which can be felt for a longer period of time, even after you rinse the hands with soap. This being said, you should know that rubbing the hands with a used tea bag will absorb the unpleasant scent and refresh the hands. The best tea for this is peppermint.

  1. Remove bad odor

Tea bags can absorb bad odor from fridges, carpets, kitty litters, garbage cans, etc. You can place several used tea bags in the fridge or sprinkle the content from the bag onto rugs and carpets and then vacuum them.

  1. Prevents grease from stick onto dishes

Used tea bags will break down the grease on dishes. You just need to soak several tea bags in the dish overnight. The next morning, you will wash off the dirt much easier.

  1. An excellent addition to baths

When you prepare soaking baths, feel free to add used tea bags from tea like jasmine, lavender, or chamomile for a relaxing and healthy boost.

  1. Alleviates poison ivy rash

Apply a used tea bag onto the rash so that it absorbs the oil. The best option for this is peppermint tea.

  1. Make gourmet dishes

Used tea bags can give great flavor to dishes like pasta, quinoa, and rice. Just put one tea bag into the pot with the content and remove it after several minutes.

  1. Homemade dye

You can use old tea bags to highlight the hair with brown, green, and orange tones. You can also use them to dye cloth, cards, homemade crafts, etc.

  1. Remove warts

Moisten an old tea bag with warm water and apply it onto the wart. Leave it for one day.  The best option for this treatment is green tea.

  1. Speeds up plant growth

Put several used tea bags on the bottom of flower pots, near the draining site. This will maintain the moisture of the soil and supply the plant with nutrients. This should be done with herbal tea.

  1. Keep away mice

Spiders, mice, and ants cannot stand the odor of mint so you can use tea bags from mint tea to repel them. You can place the bags all over the house, i.e. by the door, in the corners, in cabinets, etc.

  1. Compost them

To feed the soil with nutrients and keep pests at bay, compost tea bags. You can do this with any type of tea bag.

  1. Mouthwash

Soak a used tea bag in warm water and use the water as mouthwash. Go with sage and rosemary tea.

  1. Treat infections

Feel free to apply used tea bags on canker sores, pink eyes, blisters, etc.

  1. Alleviate razor burns

Moisten few used tea bags with warm water and then put them onto the burn to lower the rash and alleviate pain.  Opt for chamomile or lavender tea.

  1. Hair rinse

Rinse the hair with cooled off tea to soften it and make it shiner.

  1. Air freshener

Hang a used tea bag in your car to better the smell. The best options are mint, lavender, or jasmine tea.

  1. Against toothaches, blisters, sunburns, etc.

If you have toothache, place a warm, used tea bag onto the tooth from the outside; to treat blisters, apply a used tea bag onto it; to speed up the healing process of sunburns, apply several moist used tea bags onto the affected area.




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