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Homemade Lemonade to Make Your Body Alkaline

Our bodies live and die at a cellular level, i.e. we have billions of body cells that make sure there is alkalinity in the body so that we can live. Namely, a healthy pH balance between acidity and alkalinity is vital for fighting off any diseases since they are known to thrive in acidic bodies.

An acidic environment is the perfect breeding condition for viruses, mold, bacteria, yeast, as well as fungus. Acidosis or the state of higher acidity in the body can cause insufficient oxygenation at the cellular levels. Hence, when the pH values are lower than 7.4, the blood receives less oxygen and this opens a path for bad bacteria, mold, and viruses.

What Happens when the Body Is in a State of Acidosis?

An overly-acidic body will try to protect itself from damaging acids by storing more acid in fat cells. And, when the acid levels become excessively high, the calcium amounts become depleted and this may cause malfunction in the major organs. Rebalancing the pH can be of great aid in reducing fat cells and saving additional organ damage. According to medical experts, one’s food intake should be 75 percent alkaline foods.

In a state of acidosis, the body has to take minerals, like calcium, from important organs, which can cause arthritis and osteoporosis. A 7-year study with 9,000 participants conducted by the University of California indicates that chronic acidosis increases the chance of bone loss when compared with the risk of those with a balanced pH. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition asserts that hip fractures in middle-aged women can be a consequence of high levels of acidity due to diets rich in food from animal sources and low in vegetables.

With this in mind, emphasis is put on maintaining an alkaline balance in the body which will strengthen the immunity and regenerate the health of the bones.

Test Your pH

Put a pH paper, which you can purchase in pharmacies, in the mouth and wet it with the saliva. Compare the color of the paper with the charts given in the package.

How to Alkalize the Body Naturally (RECIPE)

This recipe will protect your body from health problems by increasing the alkaline pH.

You will need:

Purified water

2 organic lemons

2 tsp of raw honey


Squeeze the lemon juice into a 16 oz. glass and then add the purified water. Mix the content well and the drink is ready for consumption.

Use: Drink it in small sips throughout the whole day.

Additional Tips:

  • A lot of fruits, especially citrus ones, have an alkaline pH. Hence, you should eat 8 servings of fresh fruits and veggies per day to maintain the alkalinity in the body.
  • Eating too much grains and dairy will cause higher acidity in the body.




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