Here Is How to Spot an Empathic Person

Empaths are highly sensitive people who have an innate capacity to share and understand other people’s emotions and feelings. It is crucial to note that empathy is not the same with sympathy. The latter is a feeling of concern and care for someone, usually a close individual, followed by a desire to see this person happy and succeeding. Empathic individuals can see other people’s situation from their own perspective and share their emotions. Due to their compassionate personality, they can often get tired by feeling a bit too much.

What Does Research Say

According to experts, there is a specific brain cell group which plays a vital role in empathy. This group allows people to mirror emotions and thus, share joy, pain, and fear of other people. Empaths are known to have hyper-sensitive mirror neurons which aid the resonation with the emotions and feelings of people.

How to Recognize an Empath

Absorbing other people’s emotions

They can feel the pain or happiness of others to a certain degree.


Often referred to as natural healers, these individuals know that they need to be strong for those around them. This usually results in them hiding their own emotions and sensitivity because they do not want to be too much to others.

One-of-a-kind love

Empathic people tend to care a lot about the society and their loved ones in a most passionate way. They have a deep love for their partners and are considered to be one of the most loyal lovers and best friends one could ask for.

They attract manipulators

As empaths are people who have a lot of understanding for others, they can be taken advantage of by manipulators who know what, when, and how to do to get their way by using the empathic person.

Overwhelmed and easily stressed

Even common emotions are intense for emphatic people so they can easily become overwhelmed or overstressed. Their constant multitasking can result in a toll on their overall health and well-being.

High intuition

Empaths often rely on their intuition when they make decisions. They are able to pick up on more than meets the eye.

A desire to help

An emphatic soul will always find time to help others, even at their own expense. They tend to put others first, which could lead to emotional trauma.

They spot lies easily

Empaths have the ability to ‘read’ others with ease and can see through the masks of people and realize their true intentions.

They are introverts

As they are in-tune with the emotions of others, they often want to spend time alone. They can be introverts or extroverted introverts who participate in extrovert activities only to avoid appearing rude or to draw suspicion.

How to Take Care of Your Well-Being If You Are an Introvert

Though empathy could be perceived as a gift, it is a huge responsibility as well. With this in mind, to be able to continue caring about others, but maintain your health at an optimal level, check out these useful tips:

  • Be careful with narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths who cannot feel your empathy like others due to an under-active mirror neuron system
  • As emphatic people absorb the emotions of those around them, they should avoid negative people as much as possible




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