Exposure to Narcissistic Abuse Found to Be Main Cause of Anxiety Disorders

People who are sensitive and emotionally intelligent are the usual targets for social abuse due to their more humane nature that others may take advantage of. What’s more, poor people as well as people with little or no power or influence can be victims of abuse.

What Does it Mean to Be Abused?

Living in a home where abuse is common could cause problems with self-esteem and lead to a decline in the overall health. Abuse is an umbrella term which includes different negative behaviors towards the victim such as lying, beating, sexual assault, and threatening with murder. Unfortunately, abused individuals are more prone to PTSD symptoms and they have a higher risk of developing Stockholm syndrome or a bond with the abuser over trauma.

Recognizing Abuse

Sometimes, we can have a partner or a family member who is abusing us without us being aware. For example, it is not normal to have a partner who is constantly cheating on you and blame you for his/her wrongdoings.

Abusive people will convince the abused individual that they are to blame for most mistakes and that everything bad they experience in their life is because they deserve it. Also, physical assaults are very common and the abuser will tell the victim that he/she deserved the beating.

How do Abusers Behave?

People who are abusive towards others consider their victims socially, intellectually, and emotionally deficient and they enjoy harming, dominating, and humiliating others. They expect from their victims to be their servants to satisfy their narcissistic needs. They consider the victim to be their property and a toy to play with on an emotional and psychological level.

The Adverse Effects of Being a Victim of Abuse

People who are subject to physical, emotional, and sexual assaults can develop stress-related problems and severe anxiety. Very often, they may be unable to make a difference between good people and the people who harm them. Being harassed at home, at work, or elsewhere, can make the individual feel as if the whole world is on their shoulders. As a consequence of elevated secretion of toxic adrenal chemicals, the abused individual may experience decrease in organ function and tiredness.


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