These Are the Top 5 Phones That Give Off the Highest Radiation

In today’s world, smart phones have become a part of our daily lives and there is rarely a person who does not own one; in fact, even children have them. This is probably a result of their widespread presence and the technological advancement and there are a lot of models that are easily affordable. Though they have their benefits and definitely ease our lives, there are a lot of concerns regarding their safety.

Why Are Smart Phones Bad for Us?

The major problem is whether cell phones elevate the chance of tumors in the neck and head area. This is a result of the fact that their antennas emit energy waves that are a form of non-ionizing radiation that can be absorbed by the body. To this day, experts are still divided on whether this radiofrequency makes us more prone to cancer. Of course, there are a lot of contributing factors like how often do one uses their phone, where they store it, what type of phone they have, etc.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, phones sold on the U.S. market have to be tested for Specific Absorption Rate. The value is a rate of radiation of a phone which is absorbed by the body when the phone is held onto the ear. The maximum value is 1.6 watts per a kg of weight. Those devices that have a higher SAR are deemed as inappropriate for human use and are banned for sale.

5 Phones with the Highest SAR According to CNET (leading online tech review website)

  1. Motorola Droid Maxx with a SAR of 1.54
  2. Motorola Droid Ultra with a SAR of 1.54
  3. Motorola Moto E with a SAR of 1.5
  4. Alcatel One Touch Evolve with a SAR of 1.49
  5. Huawei Vitria with a SAR of 1.49

You should not be confused by the 4.5 review stars of the first phone on CNET because this is due to the 15-hour battery life. Make sure when you buy a phone to check out its SAR if possible and do a thorough research online about its safety, especially if you are buying a phone for your children!




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