12 Facts about Farting You Probably Did Not Know

Farts, hiccups, and burps are bodily functions which make people laugh, get embarrassed, and very often, annoyed. Farting is the one which can cause the most embarrassment and it is the funniest because of the different sounds. This being said, we decided to present you a list with some interesting facts concerning farts.

Facts about Passing Gas

  • In average, men pass gas more than women
  • the word was coined in 1962
  • The average individual farts approximately 14 times per day
  • 14 gases are enough to fill one balloon
  • Passing gas means that you have a healthy digestive tract
  • Gases are made of hydrogen sulfide which lowers mitochondrial damage. Hence, smelling gases can he healthy, so make sure you take a deep breath the next time you fart
  • Female gases are more stinky than that of males because of the higher concentration of hydrogen sulfide
  • Gases go as fast as 10 ft per second
  • A tight sphincter causes louder farts due to the small area they have to pass through
  • Chewing gums and soda drinks increase the passing of gases
  • We fart the most when we sleep
  • Zebras, sheep, cows, elephants, and dogs fart the most




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