How to Look Like Flea Bites on Humans?

Fleas feel comfortable on both pets and humans, which is why people may suffer from their bites not less than animals. How to differentiate the presence of these little pests, and what can be done to cure affected skin?
When the bugs bite a person, red spots appear on skin: these are dots of 2-4 mm wide or even more (it depends on skin inflammation). If a person is not sensitive to flea saliva, bites can be almost invisible, not noticed by unarmed eye. In this case, they can be identified due to microscopic examination performed in hospitals. Children tend to experience allergy more often, which is why wounds on their skin may swell and ache considerably.

Red spots in skin

Flea bites on human skin show a red spots usually appear in clusters (about 5-15 traces on one zone, depending on the number of pests). Any body part may be affected: traces are usually found on legs, arms, belly and back, although fleas prefer areas with sensitive and thin skin. People find wounds because of severe itching and redness, or inflammation.

If a flea transmitted a disease, spots may turn into blisters and bubbles, gathering white matter. In this case, immediate help is required. When a person sees bites, he or she should clean the affected area with cold tap water and soap, and apply some spirit or any other antibacterial agent. Freshly cut Aloe Vera leaves or gel may sooth irritation and relieve itching and pain. The same effect is reached with the help of ice packs or tea bags. To cure rash, fresh plantain leaves can be applied on wounded zones.
After that, a patient should visit a doctor: he will arrange medical tests and prescribe medications. The main rule is not to scratch the spots, no matter how hard it is itching. Otherwise, infection may spread and get into blood.



How long does the treatment of flea bites on human skin?

Skin inflammation and infection treatment may take from a week to a month, or even more. As a rule, it includes a course of antibiotics, and balms that relieve irritation and redness. And, of course, to prevent being bitten, fleas should be exterminated both on the host and in his dwelling.

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